The Econ-ARK project is a toolkit for structural modeling of economic choices of heterogeneous agents, either optimizing or not.


What is Econ-ARK?

The Econ-ARK project provides open-source toolkits for researchers trying to understand how economic and social outcomes result from the actions of heterogeneous individuals.

The primary goals of the project are to make entry into the world of such modeling easy; to accelerate the development of this kind of modeling for policy-making and academic research; and to increase the openness, replicability, and interoperability of modeling tools.

Econ-Ark is headed by Christopher D. Carroll, Professor of Economics at the Johns Hopkins University.

The project is a grant recipient from the Sloan foundation, and is under the umbrella of projects with fiscal sponsorship by NumFocus.

Please remember to acknowledge and cite the use of Econ-ARK.

We are very grateful for any donations towards the Econ-ARK project.

Find out more about Econ-ARK project development on GitHub.