The primary goals of Econ-ARK are to make entry into the world of economic modeling easy; to accelerate the development of this kind of modeling for policy-making and academic research; and to increase the openness, replicability, and interoperability of modeling tools.



Heterogeneous Agents Resources and toolKit

HARK is a toolkit for simplifying and speeding up the development of solutions and estimation methods for new models.

Econ-ARK has developed an open source repository of highly modular, easily interoperable code for solving, simulating, and estimating dynamic economic models with heterogeneous agents.


Demonstrations of tools, AgentTypes, and ModelClasses

DemARK contains a collection of code demonstrations to give you a feeling for how the code works and what you can do with it.

These demonstrations form a repository produced by Econ-ARK containing a series of Jupyter Notebooks for demonstrating how to use material in the Econ-ARK.


R[eplications/eproductions] and Explorations Made using ARK

REMARKs are self-contained and complete projects that can be executed by anyone.

They include Explorations using HARK to demonstrate modelling ideas, Replications of important results of published papers written using other tools, and Reproductions of all the code within a paper.

Welcome to Econ-ARK

The heart of Econ-ARK is making reproducible papers. The ARKitecture of Econ-ARK consists of a code toolkit (HARK), demonstrations of using the toolkit (DemARK), and a Materials Library replicating modeling results of published papers (REMARK).

Read through the Quick Start Guide to get up and running with HARK, or for developers the Contributing Guidelines.

Materials Library

The Materials Library is a single-source-of-truth for all Econ-ARK published and working materials. These include reproducible papers, examples, demonstrations, documentation, notebooks and teaching material.

  • Carroll


This paper builds foundations for rigorous and intuitive understanding of 'buffer stock' saving models (Bewley (1977)-like models with a wealth target), pairing each theoretical result with quantitative illustrations. After describing...

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  • Edwards
  • Carroll

Beyond the streetlight

This repository provides an analysis of the trend in forecast errors made by the Tealbook/Greenbook(GB) and the Survey of Professional Forecasters(SPF) for measures of the unemployment rate and real growth...

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  • Ganong
  • Noel

Consumer Spending during Unemployment: Positive and Normative Implications

Analysis of Models for "Consumer Spending During Unemployment- Positive and Normative Implications"

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