Acknowledging Econ-ARK

Please use the following methods to acknowledge or cite the Econ-ARK project.

In Projects

If you are using Econ-ARK as part of a code project you can simply acknowledge your use of Econ-ARK with a badge in your README. We suggest this badge:

You can use the following line of HTML:

<a href="" title=""><img alt="Powered by Econ-ARK" src="" /></a>

Or Markdown:


For LaTeX:

  1. Download either (or both) versions of the button to the directory containing the LaTeX file:
  2. Render the button using: ‘’’ \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{[whichever type you chose above]}, e.g. \DeclareGraphicsExtensions{.pdf} \centerline{includegraphics{PoweredByEconARK} ‘’’

In Publications

If you use Econ-ARK for work/research presented in a publication we ask that you please cite Econ-ARK papers:

                  author    = { {C}hristopher {D}. {C}arroll and {A}lexander {M}. {K}aufman and {J}acqueline {L}. {K}azil and {N}athan {M}. {P}almer and {M}atthew {N}. {W}hite },
                  title     = { {T}he {E}con-{A}{R}{K} and {H}{A}{R}{K}: {O}pen {S}ource {T}ools for {C}omputational {E}conomics },
                  booktitle = { {P}roceedings of the 17th {P}ython in {S}cience {C}onference },
                  pages     = { 25 - 30 },
                  year      = { 2018 },
                  editor    = { {F}atih {A}kici and {D}avid {L}ippa and {D}illon {N}iederhut and {M} {P}acer },
                  doi       = { 10.25080/Majora-4af1f417-004 }

In Presentations

If you are giving a presentation or talk and would like to acknowledge Econ-ARK, we suggest using this logo: