Liquidity Constraints and Precautionary Saving

Liquidity Constraints and Precautionary Saving

The LiqConstr directory contains code to reproduce the figures of the paper Liquidity Constraints and Precautionary Saving by Carroll, Holm, and Kimball, and the LaTeX source to produce the paper once the figures have been created.


Carroll, C. D., Holm, M. B., & Kimball, M. S. (2021). Liquidity constraints and precautionary saving. Journal of Economic Theory, 195, 105276.




We provide the analytical explanation of strong interactions between precautionary sav- ing and liquidity constraints that are regularly observed in numerical solutions to consump- tion/saving models. The effects of constraints and of uncertainty spring from the same cause: concavification of the consumption function, which can be induced either by constraints or by uncertainty. Concavification propagates back to consumption functions in prior periods. But, surprisingly, once a linear consumption function has been concavified by the presence of either risks or constraints, the introduction of additional concavifiers in a given period can reduce the precautionary motive in earlier periods at some levels of wealth.


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