The Heterogeneous Agents Resources and toolKit (HARK) is the first framework released under Econ-ARK.


Download and Install Anaconda

Go to and download Anaconda for your operating system; be sure to get the version for Python 2.7.

Follow the instructions if required to install Anaconda.

Add extra packages (optional)

If you want to use HARK’s multithreading feature, you need to add two packages that aren’t part of the default Anaconda distribution. Simply open a command prompt and type the following, accepting defaults to install:

conda install joblib
conda install dill



HARK aims to produce an open source repository of highly modular, easily interoperable code for solving, simulating, and estimating dynamic economic models with heterogeneous agents.

Download HARK

Download HARK from the GitHub repository.

Unpack the file using any archive utility, like Peazip. Put the files anywhere you’d like, maintaining the internal directory structure.

Alternatively you can clone the repository using Git:

git clone

Run Spyder

Open a command prompt and do spyder. Spyder is an interactive development environment (IDE) for iPython, a slightly prettier, more interactive flavor of Python.

Open a HARK module

Go to the directory where you put HARK and open any file with the .py extension; we recommend /ConsumptionSaving/

Run the module

Click on the green arrow "play" button toward the right side of the toolbar of icons at the top of the Spyder window (accept defaults if a dialogue box pops up).

Congratulations! HARK is now up and running on your computer.

You can find further instructions in the HARK User Manual.